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I am a woman of color with a love for photography. Photography has always been a unique walk of life for me. Its vision of it provides me with different and creative ideas. I have always been taught to inspire and empower others, but over the years of my life, I lost that spark. Being a mom and a wife and I know firsthand about self-doubt, no confidence, comparing myself to other women, and questioning what is wrong with me.

Then my world was rocked by a major diagnosis of breast cancer. While kicking cancer to the curb, the creativity spark came back full force; I had to really look myself in the mirror and be happy with myself. I had to embrace my body and learn to love it again. My mission is to empower every woman that I meet to do the same. if it is by speaking, laughing, or shooting with them.

I am a wife, a mom of 2, a daughter, a sister, and a friend. So I know and understand the struggle when it comes to what we call life.

Please know that YOU are my biggest inspiration. YOU have a story. I want to understand YOU and YOUR story. I just don’t want to create a beautiful portrait; I want to create an emotional piece of art. That piece of art that makes you proud every time you look at it.

My mission is to empower YOU!

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